AMBITION: Believing in the Inner Power is imperative for success

I believe in the Power of sharing personal narratives because I have seen it work and transform my own life. I was born into the oppression of abject poverty in South Africa and was orphaned at the age of 9 when my mother died of AIDS. Now in 2016, 14 years after my mother’s passing, I am no longer oppressed. I own the power of my narrative.

Today I lead by sharing my story as a Global Motivational & Empowerment Speaker. Every time I share with others some of the tragic experiences I’ve encountered – I repeatedly inspire myself and my audiences to believe that we are more than our circumstances. I believe in the power of personally sharing the account of experiences and events as they occur to and for us throughout our lives.

Just a little while ago, I came across an article titled Step into My Shoes, and I’ll Step into Yours by COLUM McCANN, National Book Award-winning novelist and Narrative 4 co founder on the profound power of story. He eloquently expresses that, “Our stories are the glue of what we are. They stitch together what we become. Our ability to tell them is fundamental to how we celebrate and examine our lives,” I believe this to be true with all that I am. Welcome to my story…