Global Empowerment & Motivational Speaker

My mission

“Inspiring courage, for you to believe that you are more than your circumstance.”

Welcome to my journey. A journey that has literally carried me across the world. Throughout the site you’ll find information about the stops on this voyage. I am so incredibly blessed to be the recipient of such an amazing grace ~ grace that lifted me from poverty and now allows me to pursue the desires of my heart. I want to leave a mark on this world that allows me to empower others (young and old) and to inspire courage.

From orphans like myself to young women everywhere, I hope that my story will help to uplift their spirits and push them to continue to follow their dreams. We all know that life is not a fairytale, but we can still live a fulfilled and meaningful life. Our presence serves a purpose in this world!

I’m still moving toward my goals. There are still dreams to unfold. But, as I travel this journey, I operate in a space of gratitude and love for those who saw something special in me ~ and invested. It is my daily prayer and goal for them to see their value increase by pouring inspiration into others. Together, we can change the world.